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Meet Patti


Patti Jackson was born and raised in the challenging neighborhoods of Chula Vista, California. Her father served in the United States Navy before transitioning to a role within the U.S. government, instilling a sense of duty and public service within the family. Patti’s mother – a Special Education teacher and her hero – played a crucial role in imparting the values of education and inclusivity.

Due to her father’s government assignments, Patti’s family relocated frequently, exposing her to diverse environments and experiences, from California to Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Japan. At the age of 16, Patti faced a curveball when diagnosed with cancer. Adding to the immense difficulty, she also lost both her parents during this time. Despite these life-altering hurdles, the experience brought out her strength and resilience, shaping her perspective on life and motivating her to impact others positively with empathy.

Patti pursued undergraduate studies at the University of Puget Sound (UPS) and Bluefield University, focusing on Psychology and Communications. She is currently dedicated to furthering her education and is pursuing a master’s degree in business and leadership. She is also enrolled in the Northwestern Command College program as part of her commitment to elevating her leadership skills in law enforcement even further.


Patti serves as the Patrol Bureau Chief for the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department. Since 1989, she has dedicated her career primarily to the Corrections Bureau, holding various operational and administrative positions. Patti’s career has been marked by prestigious awards, including Officer of the Year, Medal of Merit, Certificate of Appreciation from the Community Academy, Pierce County Leadership Award, and Sheriff Pastor’s Core Value Award.

Patti also actively participates in mental health committees and contributes to the City-County Opioid Task Force. In 2016, she implemented the state’s first Jail Narcotic K9 Program as part of her innovative approach to enhancing safety and security within the corrections system.

Beyond managing the Patrol Bureau, Patti has collaborated with local agencies, service clubs, and community organizations on projects tackling homelessness, drug addiction, and mental health. Patti contributes expertise to community boards with the aim of implementing sustainable solutions to these challenges. Notably, she partnered with local nonprofits to establish a rehabilitation program in her correctional facility that addresses the root causes of addiction.

Beyond her law enforcement career, Patti unwinds by spending quality time with her family, exploring warm destinations, enjoying outdoor activities, and finding solace in books.

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